The Street Wizard's Apprentice

Comedy Web-Series

The Street Wizard's Apprentice is an independent comedy web -series following hapless Chicago drug-dealer who find out he has magical talents when he meets a powerful wizard cursed to look, sound, and smell like a common beggar. Together they could go on daring adventures, do magical battle with the forces of evil, and break the curse- but most likely they will just get high. The series went on to win multiple awards such as Filmquests Best Web Series 2017, Midwest Weridfest Best New Media Award 2018, and Chicago Rude Fests Overal Winner 2018. The series is currently licensed by Twisted Mirror TV for streaming in the UK and Europe. 

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The Magic Hour

Pilot Animation For Nickelodeon

The Magic Hour was an animated series pitch optioned by Nickelodeon. The story follows Tate and Cole two latch key twins having fantastical adventures before their mom gets home from work. The pilot did not go to series but was released on all Nickelodeon online platforms. 


Multimedia Comedic web-ssries


The irreverent "Morph Bots: The Bots That Morph" is a cult classic passed around the Chicago filmmaking and comedy scenes. The series is a  re-edit and re-dub of the Tokusou show"Beetle Borgs much like how the "Power Rangers" was a crass re-edit of "Super Sentai" for American children. But Morph Bots deals only with larger adult issues most monster-fighting kid shows would avoid, such as drug addiction, police brutality, and sexism. 

Todd Grobin's Going Away Party

Comedy web-series


Winner of Channel Fluxx's 2018 pilot competition. Awarding it's budget for a six-episode run.  Todd Grobin's Going Away Party follows six different characters at the same terrible work-related party. The show takes mundane company party issues but acts them out through a genre-bending lense that spoofs cinema tropes. If it feels like a war zone to get your friend out of the party? At Todd Grobin's party, it is. 

Real Friends

Comedy Short


Official Selection at the Austin Comedy Film Festival 2016. Nominated for Best Acting and Best Editing.

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